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Network operation hosting is getting more and more like by bosses


Ruiyi Technology

网络运营托管有很多细分,也有人称为网络代运营,最常见的服务有网站托管、自媒体代运营、网店代运营和微信微博代运营等。代运营主要 为传统企业展开网络营销、运营维护和网上销售等服务。具体表现方式如:企业品牌包装,视觉创意设计、SEO营销推广、数据分析、客户转化及客户维护及复购等。

There are many subdivisions of network operation hosting, and some people call it network generation operation. The most common services include website hosting, self-media operation, online store operation and WeChat micro-blog operation. The company's operations mainly provide services such as network marketing, operation and maintenance, and online sales for traditional enterprises. Specific performance methods such as: corporate brand packaging, visual creative design, SEO marketing, data analysis, customer conversion and customer maintenance and repurchase.


The purpose of network operation and custody is to help enterprises to open, retain, promote, transform, repurchase and other services with the help of Internet thinking. The core performance is brand building and accurate customer acquisition. Today, there is a search for Baijia No. Xing Qingtao to share the website hosting service for you. There are usually two problems in Chinese corporate websites, one is the visual level, and the other is the customer level:


SMEs often have poor marketing concepts, lack of market research, no strict marketing planning, traditional marketing methods, lack of management and marketing talents, single products, and imperfect network marketing. This has led to weak competitiveness of SMEs. Adapt to the development of the market economy. Many companies believe that building a website, making a small program or an APP can quickly get customers, but it is difficult to build and easy to operate. We take the website, in order to do a good job in the operation and maintenance of the website, we need certain professional skills, and we must cooperate with effective and sustainable operations to solve the problem of corporate acquisition.


1, daily maintenance should be done well


Ensure that the website has a good operating environment, fast loading speed, data security protection and backup protection, product selling point refinement and copywriting improvement, user experience optimization and improvement. Avoid websites being hanged, content being tampered with, DNS being hijacked, CC attacks, DDOS attacks, etc.


2, marketing methods must be selected


There are many ways to sell websites. The most common and most effective ones are Baidu bidding promotion, SEO optimization, information flow advertising, news source delivery, and social advertising. At the beginning of the website, Baidu can choose Baidu bidding, which is very direct, but we must pay attention to the user experience and continue to improve the landing page. The website must pay attention to SEO at the same time. SEO is a free and effective marketing method.


3, data analysis should be scientific


We want to analyze from the data where our users are distributed? What time period do you like to visit our website? What page did you visit? Does this page need improvement? How long has it been viewed, and what is the word's presentation rate? What is the clickthrough rate and what is the conversion rate?


Accurate customer acquisition and brand building is a long-term project for enterprise development. The sooner you find an outsourcing operation team that suits you, the more favorable it is for the sustainable development of the company. The following picture shows the SEO hosting service process:


Summary: Whether it is daily maintenance, marketing visits or data analysis, professional personnel are required to operate. SMEs often face difficulties in recruiting marketing personnel, difficult management and difficulty in retaining people, and this time period is too long, and it is not allowed for frequent trial and error. Therefore, the future of professional operational hosting must be the direction. Companies can minimize their investment to find the outsourcing operations team that works best for them.